• Image of Parts kit for Thomas Matrix kit - (No PCBs)

Want to purchase the components to complete a Thomas LED Matrix kit all from one place? Look no further! Note: This is just for the components, you still have to purchase the LED Matrix kit.

(Parts Kit for the V2 Kit)

Kit Comes with the following parts:
8 x 0.1uF Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts)
8 x 10uF Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts)
6 x 1k Ohm resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
6 x 27k or 30k Ohm resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
155C enameled wire - 30AWG
~ 300 5mm Red LEDs
2 x 6mm Momentary Push buttons
5 x Max7219 Chips
1 x 4 pin female header
1 x 4AA battery pack w/switch
1 x UART Bluetooth Module HC-06
CAT 5 Ethernet Cable

Do I need to buy anything else to complete an upgrade kit?
Thomas LED Matrix kit
Hot Glue Gun
Wire/Flush Cutters
Soldering iron (~30 Watts)
Electrical Tape
Safety Goggles

Do you ship world-wide?
Yes, I do.

How long does International Shipping take?
Roughly 1-3 Weeks

This kit does not come with the LED matrix kit PCBs!

I have some more questions!
Tweet them at me, I'll try my best to reply quickly.