• Image of Parts kit for Guy Upgrade kit - (No PCBs)

Want to purchase the components to complete a Guy Man Upgrade kit all from one place? Look no further! Note: This is just for the components, you still have to purchase the Upgrade kit.

Kit Comes with the following parts:
50 x 5mm Straw Hat White LEDs
4 x 10-22uF Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts) Electrolytics
4 x 0.1uF Capacitors (10, 16, 25 or 50 Volts) Ceramic
100 x 2x5x7mm White Rectangular LEDs
20 x 330 Ohm Resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
4 Feet 50 Conductor Flat Cable
5 x 47k Resistors (1/4 or 1/8 Watt)
3 x Max7219
2 x 5mm Green LEDs
2 x 5mm Red LEDs
4 x 6mm Push buttons

Do I need to buy anything else to complete an upgrade kit?
Guy Man Upgrade kit
Soldering Iron (~30 Watts)
Wire/Flush Cutters
Wire Strippers

Electrical Tape
Double Sided (clear) tape
Lead-Free Solder

Do you ship world-wide?
Yes, I do.

How long does International Shipping take?
Roughly 1-3 Weeks

This kit does not come with the Upgrade kit PCBs!